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I think I’ve touched on this before, but not in the context of where my book is going to be. Or rather, the latter part of my book. The first  three quarters or so will be on an alien planet, but once they get to Earth I need to pick a home for my characters. It’s something I’ve been mulling over, wondering, and doing a bit of eenie-meenie-miney-moe for. After my vacation last week, I think I’ve pretty much got it nailed.
I want a place near mountains, and fairly remote. At first I thought I wanted it near a city, or a bigger town, but now I don’t think so. Remoteness can be good. Collateral damage can be kept to the minimum (anyone ever wonder about all the buildings torn down in superhero stories?) There’s more space for fights or hiding. And lets face it, big cities have been done to death. It’s one of the things I love about the Moon Called series so much. It’s not huge and pretentious. The setting is comfortable. Familiar to the author. It’s a shame Mercy Thompson doesn’t have the rabid fanbase Bella does. The Tri-Cities area could be seeing a bump in tourism from it. In fact, I’m zeroing in on the location of Aspen Creek. Just need to figure milages…. ;P In fact. Here’s Baree Lake. I do remember something about Wanless Lake, just to the northwest. I think my dad used to tell stories about it. I could be imagining things. He tells lots of stories about mountain places. I lose track of place names.

But that’s the other thing. Those stories. I grew up on cowboy stories, hunting trips (he was a guide at one point), log building, all sorts of stuff. Not currently living in a place having those things, the next best thing would be setting a story in a place like that.

Hello Cody, WY! Laying aside the fact I was born there (I remember nothing of it), it has a number of things I like for the story. As a tourist spot, and being near Yellowstone, it gets a fair number of people through it from all over the country. This is good for the Chaos Demons. And it means that once they latch on to a person, the team will have to travel to go get them unlatched. So we still get a little world travel. But it’s not highly populated in and of itself. The people live not in one clump, but in a huge sprawl over the whole area, and there are some awesome houses there. It’s still close enough to Billings and a mall for the team to get major shopping done and people who need to visit can fly in there.  I’d considered Billings for a while, but it’s a little too big for what I want. I want the team to be known in the town, and familiar.

It’s going to mean research though. And crawling all over the town and it’s surroundings as much as I can when I go to visit.

Hey, more reasons to go right? XD





So I’ve been doing more drawing this week than writing. I’m stuck on a scene and the discovery that once I finish my first draft I’m going to have to go back and change my POV so it’s not third person (second maybe?) limited to what just one person sees. If I keep it the way it is I’m going to get screwed over later on. Heck, I’m in trouble now. I’ll just have to do a wider field of view, but still keep one person the focus of each scene. The problem will come when I try to foreshadow without giving things away. Bleh.

But that’s not what I’m really mulling over now.  One thing I’ve heard and seen is that most books have message or a theme. Be it preachy or be it subtle, a reader can usually see where a book is going with an idea if they look hard enough. Myself, I’m a fan of subtle. Books that try to hit me over the head with an idea tend to not get read again, or sometimes not even finished.

So what’s my message/theme going to be. What am I aiming for with my tale? These are the questions I’ve been asking myself. I know how the first book will end, but that’s not the end of the story as a whole. I need to figure out what lines my characters will and will not cross with this whole saving the world bit, and are they really even saving the world?  After all, these people haven’t heard of the Prime Directive.  The world they leave behind is in no way going to resemble the one they arrived on.

I have some ideas, but it pretty much boils down  the classic “If your mind is free it doesn’t matter what physical chains you’ve got holding you down” or something like it.  But I’m still ironing it out.

I’m not happy with some of the shading, and I completely forgot about the buckles on the jacket. Need to fix that. Hope to give this one colors eventually.


And to make up for the wait…

One side is too big. I know. But I think it’s the way it’s shaded. They made sense before I added lights and darks….

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