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Life. It happens

Not much to say right now. Not been on the net much this past week. County fairs. They suck you in. 🙂 Mom was up for the weekend, so we went to watch cousins show steers, eat fair food, and then went to Medora for the weekend.

THAT is a post in itself. I love Medora 🙂

Anyways, getting back into the writing groove. Was working on some sketches of characters.

Here. Have a staring contest with Syrus.


syrussketchSyrus. He’s a little grumpy.


Rawwr! Stomp stomp, chomp!

Insert cringe here.

Yeah, I covered my eyes for Jurassic World. I won’t lie. All the lead in, ooooh they’re gonna die stuff was something I just didn’t want to watch. So, inevitably, I always looked back up just as someone died. Even the annoying ones that I really really really hoped would die (one didn’t. Bugger all, they set up a sequel!)

But hey, I pretty much went to see it to see how they’d wedge Chris Pratt into the story. Because hey, Chris Pratt right? The man is made of funny. And awesome.

So in the interest of not spoiling things for those of you who haven’t gone (Go. Now. Watch and LOVE), I just have this to say:


Having failed in the man/demon mashup experiment down in Sunnydale, the Initiative has decided to try Dinosaurs instead.



It’s gone about as well as you can expect.





Seriously. She’s ADAM. ALL OVER AGAIN! When will they learn that playing jigsaw with bits and pieces only gets people killed?!(Mmmmm. Yummy people)

It’s really bad when they very, very rarely show you the whole critter at once, ya know?
Ahem. Anyways, theories on government shenanigans (fictional? No?) aside, I have made progress!
Outline is done. It consists of about ten lines of: This, then this. Then that. And in conclusion.  I have also decided, just now, that I will only be building ONE language for this monster. Maybe two. Aw heck, I dunno. Naming language maybe? Or just use universal translators? I’m so done worldbuilding at this point, I just need to write. So I will! Character sketches, coming up! I’m thinking the wife of my baddish guy might be the head of the Infirmary. Not the Captain like I was thinking. Unless they’re both…yessssssss. Both his. Makes so much more sense that way. /toddles off.
Need to write now! Plot bunnies have attacked.
These images, btw? Not mine. Scraped off the internet (trailers and such). They belong to their respective companies. I just borrowed…sorta.

I Got Nuthin’

Nothing profound that is. Nothing that applies to anything at the moment. Mainly I’ve been editing the last few chapters of my freebies and throwing them up while at the same time trying to do some worldbuilding on the Darkfic. Yeah. Fun title huh? I had to break my brain away from thinking so much about the Empire and go in and work on the Fleet instead. Because, ya know, The Fleet is where the first book takes place. But in order to really know what the Fleet is all about, I have to figure out Empire 2, the one that spawned the fleet. Does the Fleet have contact with the homeworlds? How so? What’s the grand plan?

And on and on and on.

Worst problem so far? What the heck can I do to them that makes them the Fleet, all terrible and nasty, that won’t infect Cyrus or the girls? Something that makes them more than human, can transfer over to my three, but won’t warp them beyond all recognition.

So I finally said to heck with it and decided to work on some art instead. Here. Enjoy 🙂

I did it on my tablet. Pushed it over to my comp, played in Photoshop, and then totally forgot to crop the edges.

At this point, I don’t really care 😉


Because Flaming Guitars

I got distracted. SOOOO distracted. Ursual V. that lovely, lovely woman, said it best. WordPress won’t let me do that happy “Press This” from her LJ account so I give you a quote. And a link to PEAK METAL

We have attained Peak Metal. There is no more metal left in the universe.

Nordic death metal bands are feeling a strange urge to go home and write folk music for acoustic guitar.

Stops were pulled out, and then new stops invented for the express purpose of pulling.

Also, I think the character designers may have eaten Brom’s brain. Someone should probably check on him.

So yeah. There was going to be a real post. I was even going to give you all another sketch. Instead I need to get back to editing. So I give you an image of the Doof Warrior, scraped off the internets and obviously NOT mine. Enjoy 🙂


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