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I’ve been editing like mad lately, trying to get To the Victor reader for my Dev. Editor before I leave for vacation. VACATION I tell you! Hawaii, for two weeks! I plan to take every scrap of time I can manage to kick out a bunch of the second book. And read. On a beach. Reading! On a BEACH!


In my random spare time, when I’m not nursing my aching hands or peering at all the red scribbles I’ve made on my printed draft, I’ve been playing at art. I’ve been arting people.


Here, have a look 🙂 toobigforthis_done


This is J and D. J is of the opinion that D has been too big for lap cuddles since she was nine. That doesn’t stop her from letting D crawl up there though. (I really need to do one with their roles reversed, because D is actually the one who keeps them sane. Who’d a thunk?)




Different brushes. Ignore her hand. It is bad bad bad. But I like how the rest of the pose came out. Mainly working on speed here…


And that’s it. My right hand is screaming, I have instructional videos to watch, and the dogs are begging for attention. Ta!



Well, of 2016 that is.  First post, first art. Soon to be first book published…whoo!  I have approx. forty pages of the first rough edit to go over before I start going in and rewriting things. The first chapter, which was drafted some six months before the rest of the book, needs to be completely redone.  I need someone to throw a punch further in when he didn’t originally, a minor character needs to go off his rocker to prove a point, and I think I need to dig out my index cards to prove continuity. Oh, and I’m about to get a newsletter going soon. Yay me, right? In the meantime, I decided to migrate up to the desktop and do arts! Syrus is refusing to stand still for the cover image, so Jossa and Delfi got to float in nothingness instead. Don’t ask why Del’s hairline is glowing, I had twenty layers in that file and I couldn’t find the one that would make it stop.  Anyways enjoy your new year all!



Jossa and Delfi

Jossa and Delfi

Arty Thing

So I stuck my head in Valdemar and didn’t escape for two weeks. Writing? Out the door. Art? Mad scribbles in the corners of scrap paper as I tried to get my brain back on track. Dang you Mercedes Lackey. It’s retconned to Hell and gone, there’s almost no consistency, and things that happened in the first twenty percent of the book get rephrased (and retconned!) in the back half. As if I couldn’t remember what I read an hour and a half ago. There are entire sections that are basically women’s lib sermons, and ‘There is no ONE way”, and yet, everyone seems to agree that Heralds are ‘Good’, and murder is somehow bad. I do love Bey though. It would figure that I love a cheerful assassin who just goes around killing people who get in his way while his cousin sits there and waffles about the honor of taking out your enemies before they kill you.

And yet I’m still stuck on this place. Highly entertained with a fistful of salt on hand to remember that it’s as much propaganda about a perfect world as it is about talking horse-things and magic. I wish she’d write the story of how Valdemar was FOUNDED. We all know how it happened, in a general sense. But I want to MEET Baron/King Valdemar. Please?


In other news, I DID get some art done. Iira, Chief Med Tech of the Kuchen Fleet; Edde Branch. I need to get Oona done here too. And then maybe Quinn. *muses* Hmmm.




So I started the first draft of the Darkfic. Whoooo! But that means that my oomph to come up with a real, thoughtful blog post has been diverted into First Draft Land. Plus, typing too much still makes my hands hurt.

So instead, I give you Delfi. I don’t know if the picture is finished, but this is where I’m cutting myself off. Say “Hi!” Delfi 🙂

Say Hi to Delfi (C) R Coots '15

Say Hi to Delfi (C) R Coots ’15

Life. It happens

Not much to say right now. Not been on the net much this past week. County fairs. They suck you in. 🙂 Mom was up for the weekend, so we went to watch cousins show steers, eat fair food, and then went to Medora for the weekend.

THAT is a post in itself. I love Medora 🙂

Anyways, getting back into the writing groove. Was working on some sketches of characters.

Here. Have a staring contest with Syrus.


syrussketchSyrus. He’s a little grumpy.

I Got Nuthin’

Nothing profound that is. Nothing that applies to anything at the moment. Mainly I’ve been editing the last few chapters of my freebies and throwing them up while at the same time trying to do some worldbuilding on the Darkfic. Yeah. Fun title huh? I had to break my brain away from thinking so much about the Empire and go in and work on the Fleet instead. Because, ya know, The Fleet is where the first book takes place. But in order to really know what the Fleet is all about, I have to figure out Empire 2, the one that spawned the fleet. Does the Fleet have contact with the homeworlds? How so? What’s the grand plan?

And on and on and on.

Worst problem so far? What the heck can I do to them that makes them the Fleet, all terrible and nasty, that won’t infect Cyrus or the girls? Something that makes them more than human, can transfer over to my three, but won’t warp them beyond all recognition.

So I finally said to heck with it and decided to work on some art instead. Here. Enjoy 🙂

I did it on my tablet. Pushed it over to my comp, played in Photoshop, and then totally forgot to crop the edges.

At this point, I don’t really care 😉


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