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Expectations vs Mary Sue

So a thing happened. Over on Twitter no less. And now I have a paper to write. Wheee!


The lovely M.C.A Hogarth posts lots of thoughtful things, things that send my brain into overdrive. Things that cannot be answered in 140 characters or less. Heck, they can’t generally be answered in multiple TWEETS of 140 characters. Not with any sense of coherency.

Today’s brainworm was this:




To which I promptly had sixteen different mental responses. And thankfully, my brain-mouth filter was working…somewhat.

This is what slipped through:



See that? She told me to “Dooo eeeet.” I done been told XD

So, the two, maybe three people who just hopped in this roller coaster with me, strap in.  I even did RESEARCH.

I will say this as a bit of a kickoff (it was originally at the very end). Most Mary Sues are not normal. And most people, when they come up with a Mary Sue character, don’t want their alter-ego to be NORMAL. They want someone so far from normal that they’re truly unbelievable. But they do tend to expect to read/watch characters that are outside the norm in believable ways (for the context of the story). And that is where they balk at ‘Normal’ characters.

But before I go into my thoughts on the state of society and its collective views on fictional characters (and by extension, its views on real people). I need to say this: I am a Cynic. I don’t try to stop it. I do try to keep a clapper on my mouth (or tie my fingers together to keep from typing). Nine tenths of the time, my knee jerk response to things is snark. Or skepticism. Or some other socially inappropriate bit of word-vomit.

But I wanted to be sure I was doing this right, diagnosing myself as it were.  Behold, from

1. distrusting or disparaging the motives of others; like or characteristic of a cynic.
2. showing contempt for accepted standards of honesty or morality by one’s actions, especially by actions that exploit the scruples of others.
3. bitterly or sneeringly distrustful, contemptuous, or pessimistic.
4. (initial capital letter) cynic (def 5).


Number four has me stumped. Is there something I’m missing? Oh well, the top three are good enough for purposes.

Namely to prove that yes, I do know my word meanings! And also, to look at this in the right context.

But before that, let’s look at Mary Sues. I know that I myself learned about them from the fanfic community. Yaaaay fanfic. Innocent minds, do not go there. Especially don’t mark the ‘Yeah, I’m a mature adult box’ when they ask you. And you are a naïve 14 (So sorry mom). I learned THINGS. Not always accurate THINGS either.

I did, however, learn about Mary Sues. And holy crud, did I write plenty of them. (I shall not count, I can’t keep track. And I was a teenager)

Of course, I’ve also heard the term used in reference to non-fictiony things lately. So I wanted to be sure of what I was typing. It helped that the Lady Jaguar graced us with a tale of her first Mary Sue later on in her tweets.




Oh good. Same page. I assume. But just for kicks and giggles, let’s dive into this Mary Sue thing.

From, in screencap because I can’t highlight.



After which follows a truly impressive listing of the varied elements of a Mary Sue. If you would like, you can go read it, because they put a great deal of work into the site and I don’t want to just lift the whole thing into this post.  😉, that wonderful rabbit hole of time-wastery, had this to say about Mary Sues as a category:

Mary Sue is a derogatory term primarily used in Fan Fic circles to describe a particular type of character. This much everyone can agree on. What that character type is, exactly, differs wildly from circle to circle, and often from person to person.

Ah. Room for wobbling around the definition. Interesting. They also have much to say, especially regarding the history of this character phenomenon:


The name “Mary Sue” comes from the 1974 Star Trek fanfic A Trekkie’s Tale. Originally written as a parody of the standard Self-Insert Fic of the time (as opposed to any particular traits), the name was quickly adopted by the Star Trek fanfiction community.


Again. Much to read. If you go, bring cookies so you can Hansel and Gretel your way out of the website again. That place will eat you alive (Not really kidding here).

And finally, that paragon of knowledge, perfect repository of-wait. The sarcasm is showing *Cough*


Wikipedia *bows*

A Mary Sue for female characters, and Gary Stu, Marty Stu or Larry Stu for male characters, is an idealized and seemingly perfect fictional character, a young or low-rank person who saves the day through unrealistic abilities. Often this character is recognized as an author insert or wish-fulfillment.


Note that last. WISH. FULFILLMENT.

But let’s look a little closer at cynicism. Definitions again please:

1. distrusting or disparaging the motives of others; like or characteristic of a cynic.
2. showing contempt for accepted standards of honesty or morality by one’s actions, especially by actions that exploit the scruples of others.
3. bitterly or sneeringly distrustful, contemptuous, or pessimistic


Yup, I’m definitely a cynic. At least by the standards of Number 1. Number two makes me sad inside and just about spawned a whole other post in and of itself. Which means I should probably leave it right there.

And Number Three? Wow. They really went from mild to extra spicy with this list of definitions.  And, arguably, I think that may be the attitude most bring to bear on Mary Sues. Especially when they come in the flavor of “uber-awesome-cardboard-cut-out.”

Fiction in its many forms has taught us that everyone has an agenda, everyone must have some flaw, and that even the nice lady down the hall is more than a nice lady. And if the character ISN’T there to hide a secret, be a red herring, or otherwise be hiding under that nice, normal mask; then they’re useless schmucks who are exist to be laughed at the audience/readers and even the other characters in the story.

Remember Hawkeye in Age of Ultron? They gave him a family and EVERY PERSON in the theaters expected a horde of metal men to come out of the sky and blast that house to bits. And when it DIDN’T happen, the judgment hammer fell hard (except I was really happy his family got to live. I would have been mad if my expectations had been met)

Part of this is because of the mental budgeting of attention. Readers, and especially movie goers and those who watch a lot of scripted T.V. have been trained (again), to see a minor character in the beginning of a story (especially a mystery), and know that they have a bigger part to play later on. And that part usually doesn’t involve sitting down for coffee and cake and having a nice chat with the neighbor. (I’m grasping at straws here. What DO normal people do? I had not a normal upbringing. I know not these things!)

More definitions time!


Full Definition of normal
2 a :  according with, constituting, or not deviating from a norm, rule, or principle b :  conforming to a type, standard, or regular pattern
4 a :  of, relating to, or characterized by average intelligence or development b :  free from mental disorder :  sane
7 :  relating to, involving, or being a normal curve or normal distribution <normal approximation to the binomial distribution>

Thank you, Merriam-Webster (I have deleted a few of these because they are math/science related and HURT my brain)

 Probably should have put that up earlier, but we’re going off the cuff. And we also come around to one of the initial thoughts I had when I first saw our gracious lady’s tweet.

The hell is normal, anyways? In high school, it was one thing (and so many people never moved past high school mentality). In one culture it’s one thing. In another culture, something entirely different. Heck, from region to region in a given country, it can sway wildly. Normal in Alaska is different than normal in North Dakota. Which is COMPLETELY different than any sort of normal in an urban area (Grocery stores folks. How people do their food/household shopping in different population densities FLOORS me)

And that, I think, is part of where the judging of fictional characters comes from. I see a fictional family where the dad goes to work in a button down shirt or suit, gets ties for Father’s Day, and plays catch in the backyard and half a sudden case of “Oh, reeeeally.” Note that I didn’t mention any character traits. Just actions. Because that dad could have an intense interest in the search for alien activity. He could be obsessed with the number of squirrels running around that very backyard. He could–yeah. I’ll stop now 😉

My point is, normal is a surface construct, an ideal that doesn’t really exist in the same way for every person. I grew up moving all over the country. Neither my brother or I ever played catch in the backyard (Too many trees for one, bears, moose, and mosquitos for another). We both homeschooled through highschool. I have NEVER undergone the college campus experience (My introvert self would have had a meltdown sharing space with so many people. I lived OFF campus, thank you).

As a matter of fact, let me show you an example of regional normal. My first semester of college was in Fairbanks, Alaska. A number of students lived off campus as a matter of course. The paper was FULL of adds for off campus student housing. You know how they sold these places? The great wonderful thing about this or that place? Electricity, heat, water.  Most of them were cabins. Most had electricity. Some were too small for an actual heating system, so the occupant got a space heater. And the campus itself had a set of showers for off campus students to use, because most of them did not have running water.

Now, contrast that with the typical movie showing the typical college experience of a freshman. Different huh?

But now I’ve run down a rabbit trail and I need to get back on course. Because the next thought I had when read the tweet was: Everyone’s got some sort of pain. They CAN’T be perfect and normal. People just AREN’T

I think my pessimism is showing. 😉 But let me break this down a little bit.

People hurt. We’ve all gone through or are going through something. Sometimes we shrug it off. Sometimes, we stand out in the rain and scream at the sky.

Sometimes it feels like life is disintegrating completely.

I know we’re talking about characters here, but characters are people. Distilled people, but there’s still a basis in reality.

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that my pain may feel like it’s tearing me apart, but to someone else it’s just a little tickle. And what to me looks like someone making a mountain out of a molehill, to them it might actually be like trying to climb Everest. While carrying another mountain.

Judging other people (and characters), and holding them to YOUR standard of normal, expecting your own level of pain, cynicism, etc. to hold true for them is common. But it’s doing them a disservice. And it does the fictional characters a disservice too. Maybe a character starts out normal and devolves. Maybe the character is trying to claw their way BACK to normal. Maybe they’re just trying to STAY normal as their life/world/whatever falls to pieces around them. But disparaging normal characters as fanciful constructs and unrealistic imaginings will blind the reader to the possibilities of what a normal character can do. And to their worth.

Yes, there’s a crap-ton of horrible fiction out there in all mediums. Stories where the author CLEARLY wanted a walking, talking Fix-It Button. But you know what, there’s also a crap-ton of GOOD fiction where the author thought long and hard about what their character was like and why. And then, in many cases, they decided that “Normal” was the way to go.

Anyways, those are my thoughts. All many, many words of them *wilt*


As a last little tidbit, here’s the Mary Sue Litmus Test over at I ran Syrus, Jossa and Delfi through it. I am proud to say, they are NOT Mary Sues. Wheeee!

Also, essay done. I shall go ice my hands now *Crawls off*


Rawwr! Stomp stomp, chomp!

Insert cringe here.

Yeah, I covered my eyes for Jurassic World. I won’t lie. All the lead in, ooooh they’re gonna die stuff was something I just didn’t want to watch. So, inevitably, I always looked back up just as someone died. Even the annoying ones that I really really really hoped would die (one didn’t. Bugger all, they set up a sequel!)

But hey, I pretty much went to see it to see how they’d wedge Chris Pratt into the story. Because hey, Chris Pratt right? The man is made of funny. And awesome.

So in the interest of not spoiling things for those of you who haven’t gone (Go. Now. Watch and LOVE), I just have this to say:


Having failed in the man/demon mashup experiment down in Sunnydale, the Initiative has decided to try Dinosaurs instead.



It’s gone about as well as you can expect.





Seriously. She’s ADAM. ALL OVER AGAIN! When will they learn that playing jigsaw with bits and pieces only gets people killed?!(Mmmmm. Yummy people)

It’s really bad when they very, very rarely show you the whole critter at once, ya know?
Ahem. Anyways, theories on government shenanigans (fictional? No?) aside, I have made progress!
Outline is done. It consists of about ten lines of: This, then this. Then that. And in conclusion.  I have also decided, just now, that I will only be building ONE language for this monster. Maybe two. Aw heck, I dunno. Naming language maybe? Or just use universal translators? I’m so done worldbuilding at this point, I just need to write. So I will! Character sketches, coming up! I’m thinking the wife of my baddish guy might be the head of the Infirmary. Not the Captain like I was thinking. Unless they’re both…yessssssss. Both his. Makes so much more sense that way. /toddles off.
Need to write now! Plot bunnies have attacked.
These images, btw? Not mine. Scraped off the internet (trailers and such). They belong to their respective companies. I just borrowed…sorta.

I Got Nuthin’

Nothing profound that is. Nothing that applies to anything at the moment. Mainly I’ve been editing the last few chapters of my freebies and throwing them up while at the same time trying to do some worldbuilding on the Darkfic. Yeah. Fun title huh? I had to break my brain away from thinking so much about the Empire and go in and work on the Fleet instead. Because, ya know, The Fleet is where the first book takes place. But in order to really know what the Fleet is all about, I have to figure out Empire 2, the one that spawned the fleet. Does the Fleet have contact with the homeworlds? How so? What’s the grand plan?

And on and on and on.

Worst problem so far? What the heck can I do to them that makes them the Fleet, all terrible and nasty, that won’t infect Cyrus or the girls? Something that makes them more than human, can transfer over to my three, but won’t warp them beyond all recognition.

So I finally said to heck with it and decided to work on some art instead. Here. Enjoy 🙂

I did it on my tablet. Pushed it over to my comp, played in Photoshop, and then totally forgot to crop the edges.

At this point, I don’t really care 😉


The Zombie Walk

I should just scrap the old posts and start over. I really should. I’ve thought about it. But they’re a record. A “Here, see? She’s got the attent—ooooh, Shiny!”

Yup. That’s me. Typing on a keyboard that makes my hands hurt (But I don’t want to shell out for yet ANOTHER attempt at easy keys and end up with something that makes me really work to type. Yay surgery on the hands, to make you baby your fingers!

And I’ve been looking at all the ways I could restart this. And OFFICIAL post. A REAL post. And I decided to say screw it and just start typing. I have sketches to put up. I have stories falling out of my head that need to be put down (the previous project has been put back in the incubator until I mature a little more as a writer. In other words, I want to learn on something that’s NOT my brainchild.)

Luckily, I’m done with school. That’s it. No more. Can’t make me. I got my certification (which is why I let this place lapse to begin with, so I could study like crazy). And then I hurt BOTH hands and spent the better part of a year unable to hold a SPOON, much less type and write and draw.

That’s all done now. I’m mostly healed up, and I’m finishing one last freebie story before I step into the Darkfic. It has no title. I can’t settle on one. It’s the challenge, the “Can I write a complete and total jackass and make it work?” story. So its gestating right now as I try and find a plan for the series (it just grew by at least three books this morning as a Wild Plot Bunny raced through my head and got caught in the fence).  And I’m drawing some more too. Mainly gestures in free moments, but I hope to clean some of them up and post here and there.

And now there’s a dog making “Oooh. Oooh” pay attention to me noises. So I guess I need to go pay attention to her or something 🙂

There we go. I did it. Blank, awful void gone. Not planned, spur of the moment, resurrection of the blog! Don’t expect formal words and lots of real professionalism out of this place. My brain is just…hey, shiny rock!


I think I’ve touched on this before, but not in the context of where my book is going to be. Or rather, the latter part of my book. The first  three quarters or so will be on an alien planet, but once they get to Earth I need to pick a home for my characters. It’s something I’ve been mulling over, wondering, and doing a bit of eenie-meenie-miney-moe for. After my vacation last week, I think I’ve pretty much got it nailed.
I want a place near mountains, and fairly remote. At first I thought I wanted it near a city, or a bigger town, but now I don’t think so. Remoteness can be good. Collateral damage can be kept to the minimum (anyone ever wonder about all the buildings torn down in superhero stories?) There’s more space for fights or hiding. And lets face it, big cities have been done to death. It’s one of the things I love about the Moon Called series so much. It’s not huge and pretentious. The setting is comfortable. Familiar to the author. It’s a shame Mercy Thompson doesn’t have the rabid fanbase Bella does. The Tri-Cities area could be seeing a bump in tourism from it. In fact, I’m zeroing in on the location of Aspen Creek. Just need to figure milages…. ;P In fact. Here’s Baree Lake. I do remember something about Wanless Lake, just to the northwest. I think my dad used to tell stories about it. I could be imagining things. He tells lots of stories about mountain places. I lose track of place names.

But that’s the other thing. Those stories. I grew up on cowboy stories, hunting trips (he was a guide at one point), log building, all sorts of stuff. Not currently living in a place having those things, the next best thing would be setting a story in a place like that.

Hello Cody, WY! Laying aside the fact I was born there (I remember nothing of it), it has a number of things I like for the story. As a tourist spot, and being near Yellowstone, it gets a fair number of people through it from all over the country. This is good for the Chaos Demons. And it means that once they latch on to a person, the team will have to travel to go get them unlatched. So we still get a little world travel. But it’s not highly populated in and of itself. The people live not in one clump, but in a huge sprawl over the whole area, and there are some awesome houses there. It’s still close enough to Billings and a mall for the team to get major shopping done and people who need to visit can fly in there.  I’d considered Billings for a while, but it’s a little too big for what I want. I want the team to be known in the town, and familiar.

It’s going to mean research though. And crawling all over the town and it’s surroundings as much as I can when I go to visit.

Hey, more reasons to go right? XD




So I’ve been doing more drawing this week than writing. I’m stuck on a scene and the discovery that once I finish my first draft I’m going to have to go back and change my POV so it’s not third person (second maybe?) limited to what just one person sees. If I keep it the way it is I’m going to get screwed over later on. Heck, I’m in trouble now. I’ll just have to do a wider field of view, but still keep one person the focus of each scene. The problem will come when I try to foreshadow without giving things away. Bleh.

But that’s not what I’m really mulling over now.  One thing I’ve heard and seen is that most books have message or a theme. Be it preachy or be it subtle, a reader can usually see where a book is going with an idea if they look hard enough. Myself, I’m a fan of subtle. Books that try to hit me over the head with an idea tend to not get read again, or sometimes not even finished.

So what’s my message/theme going to be. What am I aiming for with my tale? These are the questions I’ve been asking myself. I know how the first book will end, but that’s not the end of the story as a whole. I need to figure out what lines my characters will and will not cross with this whole saving the world bit, and are they really even saving the world?  After all, these people haven’t heard of the Prime Directive.  The world they leave behind is in no way going to resemble the one they arrived on.

I have some ideas, but it pretty much boils down  the classic “If your mind is free it doesn’t matter what physical chains you’ve got holding you down” or something like it.  But I’m still ironing it out.

I’m not happy with some of the shading, and I completely forgot about the buckles on the jacket. Need to fix that. Hope to give this one colors eventually.


And to make up for the wait…

One side is too big. I know. But I think it’s the way it’s shaded. They made sense before I added lights and darks….

Is there a medical term for this?

Gaaaaaah! They’re after me!

I’m at war you know. It’s terrible. A horrible battle every day. And if I’m not losing, I’m only barely holding my own. Forget winning altogether.

What am I fighting you may ask? My bookshelves and Kindle. My vast collection of cookbooks and food magazines. World of Warcraft (Mists of Pandaria lands in a month-ish and I AM NOT PREPARED!). iTunes.

But most of all, it’s the books. I love them. I start one and I just can’t stop. I tear through them like wet Kleenex and turn around and come back for more.  Right now Harry Dresden has me by the short hairs and Mercedes Thompson isn’t far behind. Kate Daniels and Co. are languishing in a corner, content with the week they tore from my grasp.

And that’s not even counting the books I have but haven’t read yet. Or the ones I want to reread again. I WILL get past the Weather Hills without losing steam this time. Of course, the Mines of Moria tend to trip me up too.

In the midst of this I’m trying to alternate days of getting classwork done, scenes in the book finished, drawing somehow, housework, the blog, and figuring out how I want to publish this baby. Do I bang my head against the agent/publishing house wall and probably have to run my own marketing anyways? Or do I self publish and maybe have book out there that the general public doesn’t see fit to read.

It’s hard. It’s annoying. I wish I could quit my day job and just take care of the house and my work here. But I can’t. So I get up early, try to go to bed late, and neglect the yard (I think it needs a machete, not a mower).


How do you deal? Besides the oh so famous “MAKE TIME”


I will have new drawings soon. One is staring me in the face as I type, telling me to stop milling herbs and start working on shading.


So demanding 😛

It’s a big world out there…

So here’s a thing I’ve been thinking about off and on. You know that song It’s a Small World? Pfft. What am I saying. Who doesn’t know that song.?

Well it’s right. It is a small world. I can get to a town several hundred miles away a lot faster now than I could have in the days before air travel, cars, or even trains. Technology has, in so many ways, SHRUNK our world.

That’s why fiction uses the apocalypse so often.  It makes the world big.  All the people who were just a phone call or a drive or even a flight away from each other suddenly aren’t. It’s the dark ages all over again, when traveling through the local forest was viewed as dangerous, much less crossing continents. When kings pillaged and plundered their way across Europe (here’s lookin’ at you Crusades) just to fund the travel.  Watch The Book of Eli. Post apocalyptic America is now a chain of small communities run by whatever local person could gain leadership over the others. Obviously, few people travel and those that do are looked on with awe and suspicion. Can anyone say Old West please?

This whole big world thing, it opens up so many possibilities to the author. You can focus on one main area and learn/research it. Or develop it.  Your hero can just be out to save a city if you want, and the villain doesn’t really go after much more than just the one place.  Think of the Kate Daniels series. It focuses on Atlanta, Georgia. They leave the city occasionally, but for the most part things happen in the city and it’s ‘burbs. And it works so well.  Magic has cut people of from each other and mass transport is out. Planes just don’t stay up, sea monsters rule the waters, and if you don’t have a car that runs on enchanted water you might as well be afoot when the magic rolls around (which it does half the time). Therefore, Atlanta becomes the world and it takes major resources to be effective beyond it.

Of course, you can go the other direction in a big world. Patricia Briggs does a wonderful job with Mercedes Thompson. Air travel and everything exist, and her characters flip flop between states with the greatest of ease. But she has a reason to localize the magic, keeping her key characters and the chaos that follows them pretty much all in the same place.

Ah. Fae Reservations. Got it. Magic central. And the vampire master who stuck a pin in the map and sent Marsilia there. Got it. That gives us vampires. Oh. And the remoteness of a dinky one hotel and gas station/post office town in the Rockies. Great place for troubled werewolves to den up. And there you go. She’s tamped a good number of potential enemies all down in the same region and lit the keg. And it’s a beautiful thing that happens.  She’s made the world smaller, while at the same time keeping it big.

And I think that’s the key. A reason for things to localize. Or a reason for them to spread out.


Sorry. No sketchies today. Husband had the whole weekend off. So distracting ;P

Upcoming: How the heck all this rambling applies to MY book XD

A breather, a break

Not from the blog. No, from assigning myself homework to get done every night and putting myself under pressure to get it done. I have, for the past two or three months, either worked on the book when I got home or worked on my classwork. And my brain’s fried. My house is a wreck.  I need a machete to get through my lawn (the 100 degree heat has not been encouraging in the area of traipsing around outside pushing  a lawn mower all over it either). So last night I said enough. I’d finished a unit of studies, a scene was done, and I had a zuchinni as long as my forearm that I’d yanked out of my garden.  So I decided to cut it up and make zuchinni bread. Mmmmmm. yum! And then I vacuumed, got the dishes taken care of and generally did housework. It was glorious.

Except it was 81 degrees inside and I think my AC is dying for some reason. Sitting in this room right now with my monster tower makes it hot hot hot.


The new, the old. You guess which is which 🙂



And as I do all these domestic things I know I’m going to have to kick myself back into gear shortly. I’ve always got a lull between scenes/units of my classes. I have a scene to start, which bring back the whole terror of blank spaces thing. I’ve got a new unit to start. And I’m trying to level two toons as high as I can get them before MoP hits WoW. Guh. Please, shoot me.


So, what have you taken a break from, or need to take a breather before you get back to?

And it just keeps on coming

No not that. Mind out of the gutter. Or maybe that’s my mind. Blah. Brain’s all gone to mush. My momentum’s gone too. I should stay away from books. In the past week and a half I’ve gone through Ender’s Game, the Ender’s Shadow Quartet, Gunmetal Magic, it’s companion novella, and now I’m rereading the Kate Daniels series for probably the fourth time. I’m on book two. Go me.

I need to stop. I’m getting nothing done. This day had gone by in a blur of being busy but getting nothing done to show for it.


I’m going to tell you about this wonderful book I’m writing. There’s a market for it. I know it. How can there not be? At the same time I think of trying to get a publisher for this thing and I seriously quake in fear. It’s my bane, my bugbear. The thing I’ve been working on forever and never finished. Not this time. Come hell or high water dang it!

But what is it? I’ve mentioned bits and pieces, but never laid it out. It’s partly because I blab and don’t want to give away too much. It’s also partly because I keep finding that it gives me new kinks and twists. Soar just gained a personality, and from now on I’ll have to remember that. Showing the canines is apparently the height of rudeness and Echo does that a lot. Little things.

I think it hovers between science fiction and fantasy. There’s space flight, flying cars, and alien invaders. There’s also people who can fly, heal with supernatural speed, and a sever fondness for swords. And did I mention the claws? Long. Cut through metal. Yeah. They’re a nasty violent bunch alright. In essence, alot of things you see in comics. There’s alien invasions, teams of heroes (not always super powered) and soap opera level insanity in a bunch of places. I like it. I think it has promise. It won’t be just one book, but I’m starting slow. There’s not a human in sight though for most of the first book. We’ll just see how it goes.

It doesn’t really have a name. I’m calling it the Talento Project. I can’t think of a title for the book itself. Nothing seems to catch my mind. There’s Talento: The Third Invasion, but that makes you ask “What about invasions one and two?” There’s Odalette, for the resistance movement that forms against the invaders, but that doesn’t quite ring with me either. As I get further on, I’m going to ask for advice and ideas. Help is welcome!


I don’t have any sketches for you today. But soon!

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