They say

They say blog about things you’re interested in. Things you like. Don’t just push a book, or talk about writing TO writers. Pull in your audience.

I look at what goes through my head on a daily basis and go. “HAH! Sure…”

I spend a good deal of my time in prayer. Or singing to myself. Or trying to figure out the labyrinthine maze that comes of our doctors’ ways of dictation. They use Dragon. I don’t make know if that makes things better or worse. And then, in bits and pieces here and there, I try and pull together my book.

Honestly, I’m not much interested in putting a whole lot up about it right now. I’m still getting the characters lined out. I’ve spent the past week doing short (1k or so) stories to build the world and to build the characters. Gives me much more of a feel for them as people, instead of a list of traits. I have one left before I think I can really start the story itself. I will probably put these out in a newsletter once I start it. Maybe one or two will go up on a section of the site.

As for the rest…I don’t ever plan to keep quiet about my faith, but neither am  I interested in starting a war or an argument with anyone. It’s that whole “Catch more flies with honey than vinegar” bit. I speak from experience: Having someone trying to drag you over to their side of the fence, kicking and screaming, is not fun. I can disagree with alot of people without starting a screaming fight with them. Just so long as people give me the same consideration, I’d rather dangle a jar of honey just out of reach.

*thinks on the content of the book*

Yeaaah, this is gonna be interesting all right.

So having gotten that little verbal musing out of the way, I’m going to see if I can’t get some art done. Maybe I’ll have something to show people here in a little.

Later all!


Life. It happens

Not much to say right now. Not been on the net much this past week. County fairs. They suck you in. 🙂 Mom was up for the weekend, so we went to watch cousins show steers, eat fair food, and then went to Medora for the weekend.

THAT is a post in itself. I love Medora 🙂

Anyways, getting back into the writing groove. Was working on some sketches of characters.

Here. Have a staring contest with Syrus.


syrussketchSyrus. He’s a little grumpy.

Rawwr! Stomp stomp, chomp!

Insert cringe here.

Yeah, I covered my eyes for Jurassic World. I won’t lie. All the lead in, ooooh they’re gonna die stuff was something I just didn’t want to watch. So, inevitably, I always looked back up just as someone died. Even the annoying ones that I really really really hoped would die (one didn’t. Bugger all, they set up a sequel!)

But hey, I pretty much went to see it to see how they’d wedge Chris Pratt into the story. Because hey, Chris Pratt right? The man is made of funny. And awesome.

So in the interest of not spoiling things for those of you who haven’t gone (Go. Now. Watch and LOVE), I just have this to say:


Having failed in the man/demon mashup experiment down in Sunnydale, the Initiative has decided to try Dinosaurs instead.



It’s gone about as well as you can expect.





Seriously. She’s ADAM. ALL OVER AGAIN! When will they learn that playing jigsaw with bits and pieces only gets people killed?!(Mmmmm. Yummy people)

It’s really bad when they very, very rarely show you the whole critter at once, ya know?
Ahem. Anyways, theories on government shenanigans (fictional? No?) aside, I have made progress!
Outline is done. It consists of about ten lines of: This, then this. Then that. And in conclusion.  I have also decided, just now, that I will only be building ONE language for this monster. Maybe two. Aw heck, I dunno. Naming language maybe? Or just use universal translators? I’m so done worldbuilding at this point, I just need to write. So I will! Character sketches, coming up! I’m thinking the wife of my baddish guy might be the head of the Infirmary. Not the Captain like I was thinking. Unless they’re both…yessssssss. Both his. Makes so much more sense that way. /toddles off.
Need to write now! Plot bunnies have attacked.
These images, btw? Not mine. Scraped off the internet (trailers and such). They belong to their respective companies. I just borrowed…sorta.

I Got Nuthin’

Nothing profound that is. Nothing that applies to anything at the moment. Mainly I’ve been editing the last few chapters of my freebies and throwing them up while at the same time trying to do some worldbuilding on the Darkfic. Yeah. Fun title huh? I had to break my brain away from thinking so much about the Empire and go in and work on the Fleet instead. Because, ya know, The Fleet is where the first book takes place. But in order to really know what the Fleet is all about, I have to figure out Empire 2, the one that spawned the fleet. Does the Fleet have contact with the homeworlds? How so? What’s the grand plan?

And on and on and on.

Worst problem so far? What the heck can I do to them that makes them the Fleet, all terrible and nasty, that won’t infect Cyrus or the girls? Something that makes them more than human, can transfer over to my three, but won’t warp them beyond all recognition.

So I finally said to heck with it and decided to work on some art instead. Here. Enjoy 🙂

I did it on my tablet. Pushed it over to my comp, played in Photoshop, and then totally forgot to crop the edges.

At this point, I don’t really care 😉


Because Flaming Guitars

I got distracted. SOOOO distracted. Ursual V. that lovely, lovely woman, said it best. WordPress won’t let me do that happy “Press This” from her LJ account so I give you a quote. And a link to PEAK METAL

We have attained Peak Metal. There is no more metal left in the universe.

Nordic death metal bands are feeling a strange urge to go home and write folk music for acoustic guitar.

Stops were pulled out, and then new stops invented for the express purpose of pulling.

Also, I think the character designers may have eaten Brom’s brain. Someone should probably check on him.

So yeah. There was going to be a real post. I was even going to give you all another sketch. Instead I need to get back to editing. So I give you an image of the Doof Warrior, scraped off the internets and obviously NOT mine. Enjoy 🙂


Call it a Treadmill

Or a hamster wheel. Yeah. That’s better. I have been beaten  by The Hampster Wheel of Life!

No seriously.

Well…ok. Nobody’s really chained me to a hamster wheel. And I didn’t climb into one going “Oooh, I’ll run nowhere just as fast as I can!”

But that’s kind of what it feels like. At least now. I get one thing sort of squared away, and another thing needs doing. I want to get some painting done, but my room is a wreck. So I get things somewhat tidied, and then  its time to pack for a trip. Get back, unload my stuff (helloooo oil pastels), and now it’s a dump again. Add to that the need to get these chapters edited and up, and the decision that needs to be made as to the sequel, and my brain has kind of dribbled out of it’s shell.

Can I think tomorrow please? Please?

Several GOOD things this week though. Spent several days with the Husband Person in Minneapolis for our anniversary. Discovering MONSTER comic shops, shops that sell hot sauce strong enough to require medical waivers, a pretty little park that was almost made prettier by the torrential downpour we were hit with, and the first (and last I think) time I’ll ever go to a Major League Baseball game. Honestly, you can keep it. I’ll take the never-stop-moving of a hockey game any day. Too bad the Aces are so far away…

Oh. And Mad Max. Holy shit, Mad Max. Forgetting all the feminist hoopla surrounding it, I was floored. I’d never seen the first three, and was VERY skeptical about the new one when I saw the previews. Cars. Spiky spiky cars. What the heck? People jumping ONTO those spiky spike cars? And WTF, a face mask made of teeth? Urrrrm.

And then I watched the first ones. The very, very, very first one didn’t really hit any buttons for me. Bad sound quality made it almost impossible to understand the dialogue, and I was too floored by a YOUNG!Mel Gibson to pay much attention to what he was saying. That and all the character building…Ouy. To top it off, the description said ‘post-apocalyptic’ and as far as I could tell, their idea of the end of the world looked alot like modern day Australia.

Cut to the second movie. Wow. NOW the world has ended. Like…ended ended. Still looks like Australia though (there’s some crossover fanart swirling around in my brain. Max and Furiosa and Riddick and the Farscape crew, here we come!). And the third two. Leaving aside the great feats of geography that gave us sand dunes next to railroad tracks on drivable desert (they’re out of fuel, how do those cars keep running for the chase scenes? And WHAT fuel are they burning?).

Which is my main caveat with Fury road. Yes, it’s nice to see so many women. Yes, Charlize Theron kills it as Furiosa. But really, it doesn’t rock my world in that respect. I would have HATED it if he ended up with a love interest. But one of the great things about the Max movies is that once his wife and daughter died, he pretty much called it quits (at least IN movie) in the love department. As he says, he’s been ground down to a single thing: Survival (paraphrased). So there could have been a horrible romance/sex angle to all this, but there wasn’t. He’s a man, trying to survive, and redeem a bit of himself by helping these women out. Simple as that.

So where does the fuel come from? What the heck are they sticking in the Warmachine? There was the fuel pod Furiosa was going to use to trade. Why was it full? You could SEE Gastown on the road. They were going to GET gas. So why did she have some to BRING with her? How big is that tank on that thing? They were trading Aquacola, so how did they refuel in the middle of that whole, big, long ride. Please, someone explain how they did that ride out there and BACK and didn’t run out of fuel!

This is the thing burning up my brain. XD


Zoom zoom!!!

Doing this ahead of time because I think that by the time Friday rolls around, I will have one goal: Sleeeeeeeep.

Yes. I plan to sleep. But not to sleep in and have a lazy weekend. Oh no. I get to get up at the buttcrack of dawn, pile into the truck (it had BETTER be the truck) and proceed to spend the next nine hours driving all the way across one state and into another.

Mall of America, here we come. With a Twins-Red Sox game to top it all off  (all I can say is that if the hot dogs don’t live up to the hype, that will be the whole trip. Ruined. Right there).

So, to save myself the trouble of thinking of anything but packing and what horribly essential thing (deoderant much?) I’ll probably be forgetting, I make this post now. In the past. For the future.

There’s a Delorean joke in there, if only I can find it….


Have a gesture drawing folks! (The one on the top corner is supposed to be a view from above)



Where Did My Afternoon Go?

I had PLANS people.  Real plans. Productive plans. Plans that were going to happen and I was going to get things done and I would feel proud of myself.

And instead, I am reminded of why I have become so picky about what I read.

I didn’t mean it. Totally didn’t. I got it through Bookbub, those horrible enabling people, and figured I’d just read a couple pages. Usually, with that sort of book, I can tell if I’m going to be able to handle it or if I might as well give up now. Man. How dumb was I?

Now here I am, having paid for the SECOND in the series, resisting picking it up, and praying I can at least finish this blog post before my phone and the siren call of Kindle drag me away from the computer. Dangit anyways. There went an hours last night, most of my morning, every minute I could steal during work, and a good bit of my afternoon as well.

Congratulations Selena Laurence, you have ruined my day. In the best way 🙂  While I don’t know that I would have gone with the same editing style, and I might have chosen some different words, the story caught me hook, line, and sinker, and never let go. Even if I did skim over the raunchy parts (I appreciate a good story much more than I do oodles of sex. A hardcore erotica reader I will never be :).


And now, on to real things! The current story I am working on is about to be set on the back burner. I had a rhythm the summer I wrote The Monster and I need to get it back. But part of that is editing and posting as I go, stopping every few chapters to refresh my brain as to what happened before so I don’t lose track of where I need to go. Now, with the last chapter of Sequel 1 to post and the last two or three chapters of the Holiday Story to get up, along with a couple of stand alones in there, I need to get those edited and out so I can reclaim my groove. Good news, I’m about twelve chapters into the Monster Baby. Bad news, I need to not lose my notes and edit the others. Fast. Gah. I don’t mind picking out issues. And I don’t mind reliving the story. I DO mind trying to coordinate all those red comments I made on paper and find them on a computer screen so I can get the crap done that needs done. Booooo on computer reading. YAY for Find and Replace!


Anyways, that’s all for now. I have made my post for the beginning of the week. Whoo!


Grr! Arg!

I shouldn’t be typing right now. I should be raiding 😉 In WoW that is.  Shhhh. Those who  say I’m not being productive, I know. It’s been a very unproductive day. It started will kinda being lazy and tootling around on the computer before church, before I remembered that today was Pathfinder day. Yup. Four hours rolling die and trying not to die in a cave full of spiders (It was a near thing. We lost the Cleric and the Fighter tried to get me out of spider webs, only to end up stuck. With his ‘hands’ on my ‘boobs’. Of course. His wife wasn’t happy. Being claustrophobic, I was PANICKING). So that shot my afternoon to pieces, and I got home with just enough time to help put EVIL chili together before BOOM: Raid time.

So I sit here, recovering from yet another wipe, and trying to figure out how I’m going to get anything done. Not so much today. This post counts! I’m trying to keep the blog going!

No, I’m looking at this week. Gym in the mornings, meet with a trainer twice in the afternoons, work in one of the more UN-creative jobs I can think of, and trying to get this fic done so I can move on to the real work. Bleh. It can be done. I’ve done it before. But every time I get a really good groove going, my hands decide to start screaming like a couple of whiny little children. PAIN! BOO 😦

So, and thus, I will do as much as I can as fast as I can and hope to outrun the pain with my productivity. /nod. Sounds like a plan to me. What will happen next weekend when I go to Minneapolis for a few days (and the Husband Person inevitably tried to nix me bringing the laptop) I don’t know. I might just bring the computer anyways. Or see if I can get the tablet to cooperate with the Bluetooth keyboard long enough to get some actual writing done. Or maybe editing. I could edit! Yea! See. Thinking as I type. It works.

Having now used up my allotted brain power for the day, I am going to introduce you to a new thing. Well, not really, but new for me. It’s a hope that I’ll be able to keep content coming, even when I feel like a salted slug (get THAT image out of your minds). I have this wonderful habit of doodling. On everything. It’s a constitutional incapability to keep my hands and brain from trying to do something with my down time. Or even with there are other things going on. My parents long ago gave up on breaking me of the habit. These crop up everywhere, but mostly in my notes from church. They’re like little anchors for what I was listening to at the time, things I wanted to stick in my mind. If images could talk, they wouldn’t always be saying what you might think. Alot of them would be spouting scripture and my thoughts on it.

Ladies and Gents, I give you Gestures. My doodles and musings and the raw bare bones of things that may or may not be more fleshed out as time goes on. They are not finished. They are not refined, but they are fun. Enjoy!


Sitting, Randomly.

Sitting, Randomly.



The Zombie Walk

I should just scrap the old posts and start over. I really should. I’ve thought about it. But they’re a record. A “Here, see? She’s got the attent—ooooh, Shiny!”

Yup. That’s me. Typing on a keyboard that makes my hands hurt (But I don’t want to shell out for yet ANOTHER attempt at easy keys and end up with something that makes me really work to type. Yay surgery on the hands, to make you baby your fingers!

And I’ve been looking at all the ways I could restart this. And OFFICIAL post. A REAL post. And I decided to say screw it and just start typing. I have sketches to put up. I have stories falling out of my head that need to be put down (the previous project has been put back in the incubator until I mature a little more as a writer. In other words, I want to learn on something that’s NOT my brainchild.)

Luckily, I’m done with school. That’s it. No more. Can’t make me. I got my certification (which is why I let this place lapse to begin with, so I could study like crazy). And then I hurt BOTH hands and spent the better part of a year unable to hold a SPOON, much less type and write and draw.

That’s all done now. I’m mostly healed up, and I’m finishing one last freebie story before I step into the Darkfic. It has no title. I can’t settle on one. It’s the challenge, the “Can I write a complete and total jackass and make it work?” story. So its gestating right now as I try and find a plan for the series (it just grew by at least three books this morning as a Wild Plot Bunny raced through my head and got caught in the fence).  And I’m drawing some more too. Mainly gestures in free moments, but I hope to clean some of them up and post here and there.

And now there’s a dog making “Oooh. Oooh” pay attention to me noises. So I guess I need to go pay attention to her or something 🙂

There we go. I did it. Blank, awful void gone. Not planned, spur of the moment, resurrection of the blog! Don’t expect formal words and lots of real professionalism out of this place. My brain is just…hey, shiny rock!

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