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Glorious color

I’ve been going through my scans, looking for images I can add color to. Mainly because I want to streamline this color process. I’ve resigned myself to a style with slightly messy lines and not a lot of clean up of the understructure pre-scanning. It takes the life out of things and smudges them horribly. But I also want to play with shading and color. And be able to set something out there and call it ‘finished’. No, not polished glory, but glorious nonetheless.

Am also discovering that if I don’t section out the image right away in layers, i will spend more time finnicking and fiddling to correct it than if I’d just gotten my head straight to begin with.


So here’s a test image of Delfi and her honkin’ big head dress. Because every fancy lady needs a feather crown at some point in her life, right?delHeadhressDoneHI



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