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Arty Thing

So I stuck my head in Valdemar and didn’t escape for two weeks. Writing? Out the door. Art? Mad scribbles in the corners of scrap paper as I tried to get my brain back on track. Dang you Mercedes Lackey. It’s retconned to Hell and gone, there’s almost no consistency, and things that happened in the first twenty percent of the book get rephrased (and retconned!) in the back half. As if I couldn’t remember what I read an hour and a half ago. There are entire sections that are basically women’s lib sermons, and ‘There is no ONE way”, and yet, everyone seems to agree that Heralds are ‘Good’, and murder is somehow bad. I do love Bey though. It would figure that I love a cheerful assassin who just goes around killing people who get in his way while his cousin sits there and waffles about the honor of taking out your enemies before they kill you.

And yet I’m still stuck on this place. Highly entertained with a fistful of salt on hand to remember that it’s as much propaganda about a perfect world as it is about talking horse-things and magic. I wish she’d write the story of how Valdemar was FOUNDED. We all know how it happened, in a general sense. But I want to MEET Baron/King Valdemar. Please?


In other news, I DID get some art done. Iira, Chief Med Tech of the Kuchen Fleet; Edde Branch. I need to get Oona done here too. And then maybe Quinn. *muses* Hmmm.




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